Thursday, 11 November 2010


Held at Viva EspaƱa, Oliva

Our thanks go to The Gandia Area Social Club for organizing a great night, together the Unstable Lads RacingTeam for all of their hard work on running the racing side.This event proved to be a resounding success. 

Well done and thank you to everyone involved 

in making the night the success that it was!

This very enjoyable evening raised 1,119 euro on behalf of the Franciscan Refuge Transformer Appeal.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Left to right - John Todd, Stephen Carden and Stuart Walters"

This event was very kindly held at the home of Dave and Chrissie Snell, in La Drova, Barx,   to allow 30 plus friends and neighbours to raise cash for the Franciscan Refuge Transformer Appeal. As well as enjoying an entertaining evening and a nice meal.

Can't Cook was John Todd, who works in the Charity Shop and Stephen Carden from the Anglican Chaplaincy was 'Ainsley the chef ', Stuart Walters a neighbour,  was Won't Cook.

As with the TV programme, Stephen showed the guys how to cook a Chilli con Carne, with of course, plenty of prompting from the audience. 

After a blind tasting, Stuart was declared the winner.

This fun event raised 135.50 euro
for The Transformer Appeal

Saturday, 17 April 2010


On April 17 2010 THE ORIGINAL CHARITY SHOP AND LIBRARY organised an evening of fun at the races complete with a four course menu, with proceeds in aid of THE GANDIA REFUGE TRANSFORMER APPEAL.

 The eight races were presented by the “unstable boys” and they soon had the race goers up and placing their bets. And with horses named “Dr. No”,  “Groaning Scales”, “Scaramanga” or “Wobbly Bits” who could resist the temptation to become a gambler for one evening?! Much to the delight of the race goers, the last race was won by “Wobbly bits” whereas “Groaning Scales” fell by the wayside! There was also a superb Tombola with great prizes to be won and nobody went home empty handed. Many of the ladies present had donned their hats in true Ascot style (see photo) and there was a prize for the best dressed lady and gentleman race goer.

The event was a great success, raising almost 700€
for the Transformer Appeal