We have now moved to bigger and brighter premises in Carrer Nancy so we now have even more room for our wonderful collection of items for sale.

If you think of a charity shop you will probably think of a small, possibly scruffy shop with rather tired second-hand clothes and sundry old and unwanted items.


The Original Charity Shop in Javea is completely different. Yes it is staffed by volunteers (70 in total) and has previously owned goods but it is smart and spacious and has a considerable range of high quality new clothes and useful items at bargain prices. It has a remarkable 40 year history and has donated more than 134,000 euro over the last three years to deserving causes.

We also offer a selling service, see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

The shop is open from 10am until 1pm Monday to Saturday and has approximately 12 staff each day (of all nationalities). Numerous awards have been received by the shop.

The shop has been in Avenida de la Fontana since 2007 and on 8th October 2012 was re-opened after a two week refurbishment. You would not know that this is a charity shop it is smart!

UPDATE AUGUST 2017 - we are in the process of moving to larger premises in Carrer Nancy, announcements of the opening will be made as soon as possible.


We celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2011.  40 years as a Registered Charity (3586) but our fund raising activities actually started way back in 1964 on a Naya somewhere in Javea. The first shop opened its doors in the Javea port area, and then moved to Javea Park where two shops were opened and then after running out of space, in 2007 we moved into our present premises.

Our Aims- To raise funds to aid worthy causes and charities.

In 2011 we donated an amazing 66,000 euro in total.  Over the last ten years alone we have donated 439,000 euro so imagine what we have achieved over 40 years.  Quite rightly, we are very proud of ourselves.  We very much appreciate that we could not do all of this without our clients and customers.  Of course, none of this would happen without our voluntary staff, some 70 plus now, of all nationalities.  We are also proud of the fact that not one of us takes a wage or even claims expenses!

Our donations throughout these years have been many and varied, large and small. For more information on where our cash goes, please visit our our donations page.


We have donated to Denia Hospital and both of the Insaluds in  Javea on many occasions throughout the years, supplying all types of medical equipment, computers etc. and they kindly presented us with a plaque to thanks us for our ongoing help.

Hermanos Cholbi has also received several pieces of medical equipment, hoists, drugs cupboards, plus we fitted out a consulting room for the visiting doctors.  They have just asked us to supply 24 shower/commode chairs and another hoist as they are unable to obtain these through Social Services.  Hermanos Cholbi also presented us with a plaque in recognition of our help.

Raquel Paya school in Denia for children with physical and mental disabilities, have always been a special favourite over the years we have donated so many things for example, a hydrotherapy pool, specialist stage lighting, soft floor play area, safety curtains, full Air conditioning (H and C) throughout the entire school, a full equipped, working kitchen to allow the older students to learn life skills.  Every year and with thanks to our local Javea businesses, we hold a raffle and raise cash to purchase every student a personalized present to the value of 30+ euro.  Last Christmas we also donated 3 specialised bicycles, a six person seating area and gave financial aid towards the students ski and spa trip in January.  The cash raised also allows us to give cash to Sister Carmen for the children at the Preventorio, Gandia.  Sister Carmen then makes the decision on who needs what.  There is also a little left over for the Nuns to buy themselves a little something.

Back in 2003 our then President visited the Franciscan Refuge in Palma de Gandia and we have not looked back since.  The Refuge does not receive state aid of any sort.  Over the years we have glazed in their naya, paid for a water treatment system. We donate 400 euro every month for their hygiene requirements.  We fund a weekly meal every Saturday for 50+ residents/staff to the cost of 80 euro, cooked by a team of volunteers we are in our 9th year of doing this.  We donated 54,000 euro to their building fund for the new Refuge/Hospice.  This building is now complete but unfortunately unusable.  They now need an electricity sub-station at cost of 90,000 euro.  At our in AGM 2011, we made a positive decision to try and achieve this.  So far we have raised 38,000 euro and continue to fund raise for this, when and wherever possible.

Caritas we have been donating at least 12+ sacks of clothing to the Caritas warehouse in Real de Gandia, every week for several years.  They either use the items as clothing donations or send them to be shredded and they receive cash back.  Through Caritas we have been funding weekly meals for many families here in Javea for about 4 years now.

We have ongoing dealings with the Convent Day Care Centre, Javea.  When the Nuns arrived we supplied new bath/shower rooms and toilets for their personal use as well as a washing machine/tumble drier.  We donated the Industrial Cooker, for the residents meals, a large screen TV for lounge area.  Provided the nuns with winter coats, shoes and blankets and we have just purchased a lap-top and language learning course so that the Nuns can learn English.

ADIMA The Day care Centre in Pedreguer is used by people with physical/mental problems.  We have been involved with them for several years.  We supplied a sensory garden and were also responsible for the complete outside area where games can be played by wheelchair users etc. plus gardens and trees for them to be able to enjoy their time outside. We then went on to install a complete industrial kitchen to allow daily meals to be prepared for all of the staff and daily visitors alike.

AMADEM A Day Centre for Schizophrenia sufferers.  We supplied exercise equipment, bicycles, exercise bikes, printers and lastly, a touch screen lap-top together with specialised programmes for use by the patients.
Of course, we do not forget the animals over the years we have donated annually to APASA, last donation Concrete pads and kennels and a large animal transporter.  Javea Feral Cat Programme we donate to this organisation to help reduce Feral/unwanted cats in our area.

Our ongoing, yearly donations are to Race for Life, The Royal British Legion sponsored walk, MABS, Victims of domestic violence, just to name but a few.

We have always donated to International Disaster Appeals, e.g. The Pakistan, and Haitian Disaster Appeals, most recently to the East African Famine Relief Appeal.

One of our staff members has a son that attends TAPIS here in Javea, so we include them in our donations two Lap-tops, a dekt telephone, a sewing machine, an electrical staple gun for their soft furnishings, etc

We now include EMAUS in our regular donations list and in the past two years have donated 4000 euro in aid for this worthy cause.  We also sell items on behalf of the Gandia Refuge and SPAMA whereby they receive all monies raised on goods sold on their behalf.

The above are some of the worthy causes that we have donated to recently, but there are so many others in the past Fontilles, AECC, The Breast Scanner Appeal, Dream Flights..  Lets hope it continues for many years to come!


Our custom built English language library can be found in Javea Park and has some 14,500 books together with talking books on cassettes and CDs, which are all on loan for a small subscription.  We also sell quality greeting cards, gift wrap, etc. Check out the library page for more information  http://www.charityshoplibrary.com/p/library.html